Waiting For The Sun In L.A. (A Short Story)

FYI: I am not fluent in English, I’m trying to be at least. Sorry for the potentials mistakes. Feel free to correct me in the comment section.

Ophelia lived in a downtown L.A. Her dreams place to live in.

Since very young, she wanted to become something. Someone different than her mother and father. All the kids got dreams, and a lot of them wish to become a star, a singer, an actor. Being worshipped, being rich, living in a huge mansion. Then they grow up and reality strikes their little beliefs and put them back into reality.

For some, the dream still holds firmly in their mind. They don’t want to give up, not now, not while they are still young and have time to progress, learn and work for them. It often take an early calling, a long-time practice to become successful.

You also have to make connection, travel to the place where the important peoples lives and hang out.

That’s what Ophelia had planned. She could sing, dance and act. She was an attractive young, white girl, blonde hair and blue eyes. She had success in that little conservative town of her in Minnesota. She discovered at this small town how powerful the power of beauty is, especially on men.

She took advantage of few of them, but this was for a good cause. She would not forget them once at the top of Hollywood.

The young women borrowed money to pay for acting class, acting turned out to be more complicated and subtle that Ophelia first thought. She kept working hard, but never had the feeling of self-satisfaction. From her own perspective, her progress in acting wasn’t satisfying. She still had her look for herself, the thing that will gave her Hollywood on a plate. At least that what’s Ophelia believed. Hollywood was the sanctuary of body-worshipping wasn’t it ?

She took up singing class too. She was decent at it, her hope for fame raised even more. Why not become a pop star ? Their’s singers that aren’t that good but still make a career for themselves because they have the good the look and an attitude.

Continuing on her quest to find her real calling, Ophelia borrowed even more money for dancing lessons. She knew she would not become a dancer, and nobody really considered a dancer a star. It was just to better herself, give herself more tools to succeed.

She had boyfriends. More or less, she used them for money, and they used her for her body.

Once she gathered enough money to go conquer the West. Ophelia drove to Hollywood, ready to own the entertainment industry.

Her beauty gave her access to powerful men. Powerful men that gave her a flat in that downtown L.A. where she’s still living in as you reading this.

After false promises by those men, the young women decided to hunt for fame by herself. Going from casting to casting to never having a call back.

Until her good star intervened.

One day, some men in the street asked her for her contact information. He needed someone like her for his project.

Arriving in the studio of that mysterious artist (or businessman) the aspiring actress had to undress in front of the camera and have sex with him.

And she did. That’s how Hollywood worked right ? Nothing new in having sex in exchange for a part in a movie. Plus, she came out of there with a good amount of cash ! This was probably the start, finally, of her career !

Execpted that this sex session ended up on internet. Without her consent.

And the businessman contacted her again. The returns where insanely positive ! The public wanted more of her. More of her nakedness having sex in front of a camera.

She took the opportunity.

Ophelia became a star, a pornstar.

Her family cut ties with her, she was alone. Alone but making money. Not rich thought.

She was famous. Kind of.

Was she disappointed ? Yes.

Did she felt trapped ? Not really. Porn stars have become regular actresses and singers after finding stardom in the porn industry. She will use pornography as her springboard to stardom, the real one.

But people only saw in her the pornographic actress.

She was in fact trapped.

Ophelia still live, hoping for a miracle that will probably never happen. But she’s got hope and nobody can take this out from her. Not you, not even me.



Waiting For The Night In New York (A Short Story)

FYI: I am not fluent in English, I’m trying to be at least. Sorry for the potentials mistakes. Feel free to correct me in the comment section.

The putrid smell of the street, the trash bags scattered, the rats, the cigarette butts, the stray dogs, the cold wind, the incessant passing and honking of cars, peoples going places or arguing with each other, all of this and more, Billy was used to it.

Becoming a singer, like Dylan, that’s been is goal since he came here at the tender age of 20. But nothing works out exactly how you dreamt it isn’t it ? This and the fact that New York was ruthless, a city that does not take any weakness nor sympathy if you want to make it big.

The rule is, work your ass off, turn to madness, being crazy will give you opportunities. Take pills, smoke joints, if you courageous, inject some smack into your veins. Go crazy, insane, and create. After all, this place has seen some shit and it seems to push people to continue destroying themselves, like an entity that claim their fair share of life and sacrifices, to prosper.

Billy had become that poet in the gutter that Dylan sing about. Everyone recognize themselves in a Bob Dylan ballad. That’s the real magic, the real talent for an artist. This and a little bit of vision, predicting the future, being some kind of prophet. Add some poetry, the magic of words, like a Leonard Cohen and you have yourself a good starting point for an artistic career.

Was Billy not talented enough ? Who really know, talent is maybe thing but doesn’t make you famous nor rich. The work, the grinding, the hustling, sacrifices are the keys to the American Dream. Let’s not forget that you have to be original, mysterious, playing with your audience and, this as to be said, being merciless with your rival and enemies.

Billy was that guy who used to think that everyone was kind, or had to be. Loyal, respectful, those were the qualities that you had to put aside, not always but sometime, to impose yourself, to gain your place in this city.

Too kind, too nice, too honest was Billy to show rudeness. He let himself being stepped on, mistreated, misguided for the profits of others. Others that used him at their advantages to become successful. But not for long, they all lacked talent or the will to keep working.

Too good, Billy was a friend that gaved his shoulders for those broken souls to cry on. Never used their weakness for his own advantage.

The street, his street, his gutter, his territory. The only thing he got to own since coming in New York was this street. It wasn’t the most welcoming place in town, the most secure nor peaceful but it was his. He lived their since so long that the people unconsciously linked him to this patch of concrete and decaying building.

Billy’s Street, that was the name of his place now. And for him, it felt like having his star on the Hollywood Walk-Of-Fame. He often joke by rebranding his corner « Walk-Of-Shame » because of all the junkies, prostitutes and their clients, off beat cops, drunks and homeless people that wander it.

Billy came to find fame, he found something else, maybe more precious and rare, he finds his place with the peoples of the underground, a sect, a clan that his so well kept from curious eyes that the world have completely forgotten their existences.

They were his audience. Audience that no Bob Dylan will ever have the chance to perform in front of.

And Billy got stories for days, even years.

Billy is what’s others aren’t : he’s free. It’s America, after all.


A Pinkerton’s Warnings (A short story)

FYI: I am not fluent in English, I’m trying to be at least. Sorry for the potentials mistakes. Feel free to correct me in the comment section.

As I lay in this dens bush, the outlaws are drinking, singing indecent lullaby and exposing their latest successful crime like grandiloquent theatric actor with each other. Of course, those horrid story are embellished, coming out off their mouths.

I follow those bandits for two weeks now. They move often, from state to state, making their couple of weeks of stays a time of nightmares for the locals.

Robbing the poor and the rich folks that roam their lands, killing for a few dimes, stealing diligence, bar fights, rapes, you name it.

The reign of terror of those outlaws is coming to an end. The world has changed gentleman !

The United State is starting to hold up to its name and promises. We are uniting. It took time a good amount of death and misery to reach this ideal.

We, Pinkerton, are a federal agency charged to take down criminals who still haven’t understood that this is the end of impunity for those outlaws.

We have the means, we have the mens and the laws and even the President by our side.

The criminals only got their ideal. Wich belong to an ancient and savage era.

Modernity’s on it’s way. No more gunslingers, no more duels in the middle of the street, no more gangs.

Why did I follow those men for two weeks without interfering with their misdemeanor ?

Gathering proof. We want them to hang on nooses. They have to leave this world that don’t want them and, frankly, never needed them either.

As I am watching them laugh and throwing up their cheap moonlights, I just imagine myself putting a rope around their neck.

Sure, maybe a couple a them have some sort of code of conduct but the simple fact that they are riding together prove that they do not belong here either.

Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you really are.

Those criminals talks about moral but they all are ready to sell their mother for a lighter sentence. The hanging noose, a simple rope frighten those bastards who can kill you for just looking at them the wrong way.

The curious things about those animals it’s that they know we are on to them. They even met us, exchanged fierce firefight with us, but they still think that somehow, we will let them do their crime. They bury their heads in the sand, but they will finish 6 feets under the ground. Well, if someone feels like digging holes for them. I don’t think anybody will go through this hardship for a single one of those maggots.

See, we are on to them. We know, we see, we gather proof, testimony. Their downfall is near. Society is ready… no even better, willing to get rid of them.

I deplore the amount of time we are offering them. They are, in some way, lucky that I am not in charge of their eradication. With me, no trials, just a bullet between the eyes. Quick, simple, effective. That would be the perfect way to end this non-sens.

But I will obey and keep a close watch on those fuckers. Discipline and obedience is key to a civilized society. And I will make sure to look at every single one of their cadavers, spit on them and carry on serving the law, the justice for the emerging and perfect civilisation. For the futur.

The time has come !

Signed : a Pinkerton agent


There’s A Killer On The Road (A Short Story)

FYI: I am not fluent in English, I’m trying to be at least. Sorry for the potentials mistakes. Feel free to correct me in the comment section.

« – Go now, let’s go !

  • What the fuck happened over there, shit !
  • Come on faster !
  • Yeah, but will you tell me where are Tim and Bryan for Christ’s sake ?
  • Dude, it’s all turned into a shit show in there !
  • Well I guess I already know that because you came back alone ! What was those gunshots that I’ve heard ? It was supposed to be a fine calculated job, no victim !
  • Dude, we thought we had it all under control. Everybody knew the plan and what he had to do but that… fucking security guard decided to be a hero ! Like he was paid enough to care about a robbery !
  • If you let you guard down man, they’ll take you out for sure.
  • What do you fucking know about a bank a robbery ! Shut the hell up and do your job, driving !
  • Well excuse me for being worried about bringing home one dude instead of three ! What happened to them !
  • Faster !
  • I’m at full speed ! Get out if you think you could run faster you shit ! Answer me ! Where are Tim and Bryan ?!
  • Tim got shot in the right shoulder by the security guard and Bryan was instantly killed by a bystander in the bank.
  • What ? And you came out of it unharmed !
  • Tim was badly injured but he could still fire his gun. We exchanged a copious numbers of bullets with the cops and the civilian. We killed the officer first, the bystander emptied is Smith&Wesson on us, Bryan took a bullet in the head… He died instantly. When the civilian started to reload, we took the opportunity to shower him with bullets and that wannabe hero died. Then, time started running out so Tim was guarding the civilians, I took care of the banker who opened the safe, took the money in my duffle bag and when I’ve came back, Tim was bleeding badly. I think that he had been hit sooner during the fire exchange with ether the civilian or the guard. At first, I’ve thought it was in the shoulder but he was hit in the left lung. Had to choose between him and the money so I’ve choose him but he refused and told me to go. To secure the money you see. He told me good luck and said he would cover my exit just in case someone decided to play hero… and here I am now.
  • Fuck. For real ? Men you’re full of shit ! I knew you were a coward at the second I laid eyes on you !
  • Men fuck you ! I did what had to be done !
  • Come on, you could have carried Tim with you !
  • Dude, I was literally carrying millions of dollars in a bag ! Money is heavy but you wouldn’t know this because you are our fucking gateway driver !
  • Man, I can fire a gun, be careful with what you said ! Can’t believe you left Tim to get die or… Wait… shit ! Was he the one who fired his gun just before you came running to the car ?
  • Yes I’ve told you, he was covering me !
  • You fucking lier ! He was trying to shoot you because you’re the one who killed Bryan ! »

Rami died on the spot, shot by Aubrey.

« – You haven’t see that one coming isn’t it ? Getaway driver my ass ! »

Throwing the body out of the car, Aubrey drove West.

Nothing was going accordant to the plan, he saw the flashing lights of law enforcement cars reflecting on his rear view mirror.

Taking his handgun, he fired at the blinding lights. He received a salve of bullets as an answer.

The car stopped going forward almost immediately.

He had a two possibility now. Run or facing the cops.

To this day, the faith of the five million dollars is still unknown. But they’re tainted in blood, sweat, tears and betrayal, like every currency in this world.


They want blood John ! (A short story)

FYI: I am not fluent in English, I’m trying to be at least. Sorry for the potentials mistakes. Feel free to correct me in the comment section.

« Dear Thomas and all of the Espire’s redaction;

You’re maybe wondering why I did that to the Perish redaction.

Let me explain myself before being judge, rightfully so, by the public.

I was a writer for that paper for two decades.

The begining here was delightfull. I was able to write whatever I wanted to write about. My work was never disputed by the former boss, M. Anthelm.

I wrote story about everything I wanted to. This was also a great time to learn about story telling and the craft of creating shorts fictions for a wide audience.

My relations with the staff was ideal for a writer. They were open, respectful and dedicated to help me and my work evolve. Nothing was out of bundary, no subject was banished, I had the opportunity to broaden my horizon and my audience. And the pay was decent.

Those years passed by fast, as all the years happen to do when you have a lot of work.

M. Anthelm was a mentor, a friend, a confident. Always up to publish new things. As I said, they was no bundaries.

Freedom. That was the magazine was all about. That was what America was all about. That’s the way we all saw it back in those days. Freedom of speech. A real free press.

Old boss, like I loved to call him, had to retire, cancer. Fucking lung cancer. I told him many times : Anthelm, good ol’ boss, stop smoking, that’s not healthy, tobacco isn’t a medecine ! They have been lying to us, it destroy your lungs and all ». But of course, being a old man, and a boss of a successful newspaper/magazine, he told me, very politely, to focus on my work instead of focusing on him. Fair.

The next week of that conversation, I had writed a short story about a man dying of cancer because of the cigarette. He was dying, leaving his family not only with a painfull grieving to do but also with greats difficulties. The man died, and the family was torn apart because they faced problems they could not overcome. The used-to-be stable and perfect family ended up being splitted into clans and it finished with all members facing theirs demons.

A writer have to be a little bit of a prophet sometimes.

M. Anthelm died, we all grieved, we stayed united and strong until the new boss came around.

Here is the start of my demise.

M. Catheren took the place of my good ol’ boss. Right at the begining, things have gone down south with him.

To be honest, I didn’t liked his face, his nonchalant and arrogant attitude. I think he had the same feelings for me.

He hated the first story I gaved to him. And the second, and all the others. I wasn’t able to have a single story publish during three months !

I asked to talk with him, it wasn’t like with the good ol’ boss, I had to pass trought is assistant, who had to communicate to him my desire to have a meeting. It took three days to finaly have hold of him.

I took the opportunity to ask him what was is problem with my stories and what does he really wanted from me and my writing.

He started by telling me that the time had changed, and that, all of us, had to adapt to that new world.

The time didn’t changed since he became the boss, he was so vain that he thought that just by becoming the head of the magazine, everyone working for him had to change, change in his direction. For a boss, this could be seen as normal but he was far, far from being a man, a leader, like M. Anthelm.

That was something, being told that when I worked here for decades. But he finally told me, what he really wanted from my writing :

« They want blood John ! Make some cow-boy, outlaws, gangster, cops stories, those stories that’s spill blood at every words ! The people Johnny, they want to be entertained ! Bring out the guns ! Violence ! That’s what’s sell now ! And you better be good at it ! You have to prove your worth toward me ! This is America Johnny, we work hard, harder than our neighboor, and we work well ! We make sacrifices so we can all succeed in our collective project which is, like I’ve said the day I became the boss, to be the number one magazine in America ! Fuck the others ! Especially Espire ! Esquire is managed by M. Thomas, a prick, a coward, someone that call himself a intellectual ! Ah ! Fuck ‘em Johnny ! I don’t want my magazine to be a den of intelectuals ! I want it to be the fast food of the magazine industry ! You can do that John right ? You’re with me right ? Ah ! You old cunt, you better be if you don’t wanna finish unemployed. A unemployed writer life is a life heading for the gutter ! Johnny, you don’t want to finish like that. Now, write me some bloody stories. No more talk, we need content, and the content that our everchanging audience really want. Out now ! Let’s get to work will ya’! »

Yes, those where is words. This men, coming from nowhere, that nobody in the industry knew, had the nerves to gave me lessons about how our magazine worked.

I had to do something but he said one true thing : I would have ended up in the gutter if I didn’t followed his directions.

This is why a write this letter to you, M. Anthelm. You and your magazine have been our fierce rival. We can never be good without a great rival. And God know you were a great opponent.

Why do I wrote those last lines like it was over ?

This letter will be my testimony, explaining why I did this.

Hopefully, when you’ll receive this letter, my plan would have come to term, successfully.

Yes, I have killed M. Catheren. He wanted me to spill blood, he got served.

I ended my life after my killing. Didn’t wanted to finish in prison for a young arrogant piece of shit.

Publish that letter, or do whatever you want with it. Make some money from that tragedy, scrap it to the last dollar you could produce with it.

Hopefully you will resume your outstanding work. The work of a real litterature’s magazine !

Long live the free writers ! Long live freedom. Long live America !

Yours truly;

Johnny V. Covack.


Just Some Unfortunates Sons Getaway (short story)

FYI: I am not fluent in English, I’m trying to be at least. Sorry for the potentials mistakes. Feel free to correct me in the comment section.

« – Arthur my men ! You got the goods haven’t you ?

  • Have a guess Shepard.
  • You’ve god that ironic smirk, the same that you have when you have a good hand !
  • Jesus Shep’ ! You should’ve become a shrink.
  • Yeah, I was studying for becoming one before coming in this hellhole.
  • Speakin’ of hellhole, move your ass, give some space would ya !
  • Fine ! So, who’s rolling it ?
  • You fucker, you’re not waisting a single minute ! Man you have no idea how hard it is to find some good kush aroun’ here !
  • Jeeeesssssus ! Give me the goods would ya’ !
  • How polite my good sire ! Here you go now, do it quick and perfect, like my girl used to describe my performances in bed !
  • Ah ! You dumbass ! I have a gal’ back home too !
  • Yeah I know Dude but let’s talk ´bout this bitch after a good smoke.
  • She’s cheatin’ on me brother !
  • I bet ! Now come on, roll it up and we’ll talk ‘bout it all right ?
  • Yeah… but high or na i’ll still be mad y’know.
  • High with some music ?
  • What ?
  • You heard me you fuck !
  • Did you fixe that fucking radio ?
  • Yes sir !
  • Man ! You are a women behind all that soldier gear of yours !
  • Ah ! Wait what, come again ?
  • Y’Know, women are good at multitaskin’. And look at you, find weed in this hell and spend is spare time fixing a radio !
  • Buddy, you hittin’ on me or what ? Ah !
  • Ah ! If I had a… y’now instead of a huge dick, I would gladly let you hit !
  • What the fuck are you on !
  • Nothing !
  • That’s what I mean Shep’ ! Your acting high before even smoking !
  • That’s my brain brotha’ !
  • You ain’t got one ! Ah !
  • Fuck you dude !
  • Oh come one. Let me put some music.
  • Yeah ! Do something usefull for once in your life Arthur !
  • I’m serving my country !
  • But you where obligated to do it !
  • Still, am taking the good side of it !
  • See that ! Killin’ vietnamese for good ol’ ‘mericcaaa !
  • « Please show me the way to the next Whiksy bar ! »
  • « Ah don’t ask why ! »
  • « Ah don’t ask why ! »
  • Fucking yes man ! Getting high with a good pal et The Doors !
  • Your wanna light it up ?
  • Nah ! You got the privilege !
  • Merci monsieur !
  • Ah ! French !
  • Oui oui ! Pffffff ! My joint monsieur, big like baguette oui oui han han !
  • Give me give me monsieur !
  • Oui oui !
  • Pfff. The grass… always greener… well more green after i smoke.
  • If it become blue well it’s probably LSD then. So good thing it’s green. Very green !
  • When the last time you tripped on acid ?
  • Like… pfff… 2 month ago ?
  • Where ? Pffff
  • Hanoï !
  • Dude ! Dangerous to trip there !
  • Why ? Pfff
  • The fifth column !
  • Hemingway’s short story ? What are you on about !
  • Pffff. I’m on weed you fuck !
  • Cunt !
  • Let’s not go british, French was enough !
  • What did ya mean with… pfffff. The fifth column ?
  • Well you know… the north-vietnamese that spy and pray on the dumb American who come to Hanoï for a good time !
  • Oh ! That’s what’s a fifth column his ! Pffffff.
  • So tell me ? You got high and ?
  • Well I’ve confused The Rolling Stones and Hendrix.
  • How can this be possible !
  • Acid !
  • Yeah I’ve got that but how ?
  • I don’t know, was at that bar, and the music was… I saw that the music notes had colors !
  • That’s dope.
  • Really is !
  • Man, I have enough of all this shit… Miss home y’know.
  • How many did you smoked ?
  • Wha’?
  • Communists.
  • Oh… I don’t know… everytime the captain tell me to shoot, I shoot. At branches, leaves, trees, grass…
  • Yeah same.
  • It’s like we’ve come here to do landscaping !
  • Ah ! Yeah that’s it ! Never saw a single north-vietnamese diying by my hand !
  • Brother ! The napalm is not to kill but to help us do our duty, landscaping !
  • Ah ! You shit !
  • Arthur ! Shepard ! Where the fuck are you !
  • Pfff. Quick, throw the joint !
  • Fuck no, I’m keeping what’s left of it !
  • Well quick Shep’ for goodness sake !
  • Shepard ! Arthur ! For Christ sake come on let’s go we’re mooving !
  • Here Captain, on our way !
  • Why are you two always together ? Do you folks have some secrets ?
  • No !
  • No sir !
  • Pretty sure they fuckin’ captain.
  • Marshall, shut the hell up would you ! Wait… what the fuck am I hearing ?
  • Radio captain. I fixed it.
  • Well bravo ! Next time put the volume higher so the ennemy can have a listen !
  • Sorry captain !
  • Let’s moove ! Forward !
  • Here we go Shepard, landscaping for good ol’ Uncle Sam !
  • So proud, here we go, doing our duties ! Earning a living ! For the free world ! »


Dante’s Dusty Roads – Chapitre 2

Des idées pour son prochain roman lui venaient à l’esprit, sans effort. Il allait s’inspirer de son ranch situé au milieu de nulle part. Pourquoi pas l’histoire d’une famille qui s’installerait dans un ranch abandonné et qui, au fur et à mesure de sa rénovations, laissait paraître d’étranges phénomènes ? Et si leur fils commençait à avoir des crises d’épilepsie qui serait en faite une possession démoniaque ? Et s’il ajoutait à ça l’ancienne famille qui vivait dans le ranch autrefois, trouvant la misère et la mort à cause du dustbawl ?

Pleins d’idées se bousculaient dans sa tête. Le bonheur même irradiait son corps. Toute cette inspiration lui venait car, pensait-il, il était enfin Libre et heureux !

Bien qu’il soit en possession d’une immense propriété, et surtout d’un ordinateur portable dernier cri, il était excité d’essayer enfin cette machine à écrire, une vielle Remington Noiseless noire qu’il avait acheté dans une boutique d’antiquaire à New-York.

Il se rappelait son grand-père, journaliste, qui n’avait pas lâché sa machine à écrire Underwood de toute sa vie, même quand l’analogue et plus tard l’informatique s’étaient imposés.

Il s’imaginait déjà fumer sa cigarette tout en faisant claquer les touches de sa machine : tac tac tac tac tac DING ssschwwwwift tac tac tac tac tac.

Comment ne pouvait-il pas être heureux ? Son succès avait été insolent jusqu’ici. Mieux ne valait pas trop réfléchir à toute cette attention qui lui était tombée dessus avec le succès de son livre. Il devait garder la tête sur les épaules. Venant d’une famille de cols bleus, il devait considérer l’écriture comme de l’artisanat.


The old men and his old coat. (A short story in english)


[Ceci est une petite histoire écrite en anglais, ou du moins, j’ai essayé]

He woke up, same things as always.

« Sadly » he would have told you.

He glance, like every morning, at his wedding picture placed on his bedside table. « Audrey was beautiful this summer day » you would have heard him muttered as he slowly get up from his bed.

Achille, his old labrador, come to lick his right hand. « He know my bones are failing me, he is very intelligent ».

He put the radio on, Bob Dylan just finished singing about his meeting with a tambourine man when he hear the unfamiliar voice of a news anchor. « I used to love listenning to this station because nobody speak ! Look like I’ll have to find a new one to listen to. »

While he struggle to pour his black coffee, he mumble again. « Looks like no one want to shut up nowadays, everyone have something to say and, worst of all, they wan’t to be heard ! We can’t live if we have to stop to listen to everyone griefs. »

He sat down at his kitchen table, his whole body shaking and let out a gasp of relieve when he is finaly seated.

If it would have been a regular morning, you would have seen Jim stiring his spoon in the coffee cup at the rythm of a random folksong. « The day Dylan put the electric on his shoudler, that’s the day the music ended, I tell you », He would have say. But no stiring today, the news anchor was speaking.

« This night, at 2 AM, the Goldiathy attacked his neighbour, Davolidy. The tension have been building for months between the two states. »

« Ah ! Hear that Achille ! War ! What mens are the best at ! Let’s hear some more Achille ! Let’s hear the reason for that war, you’ll see Achille, they always find a reason to start a war, but the real stupidity is the reason why they will continue to kill each other, listen ! »

« Poldummy, president of Goldiathy since 20 years, declared that they attacked Davolidy, stating a fear of aggression by the davolidien. The american intel warned the president of Davolidy of the bellicist project and probable aggression by the goldiathien since months. The multiple meetings between the two presidents seems to have not de-escalete the growing tension. »

« Hear that Achille my boy ! They attacked they’r neighbor by fear of being attacked first. That my boy, this is a very very normal and basic excuse to start a war ! Christ ! How stupid ! Ah ! But now, let’s listen how much damage have been done, listen, civilians, Achille, civilians, the ones who haven’t asked for nothing, listen, how much of them have been killed. What Achille ? Yes, you right, maybe some soldiers died but you see, the civilian often are the one dying first and, yes I tell you, they’re always civilians victims, most of the time, they’re is more dead civilians than dead soldiers. Listen ! »

« The first attack was by shelling on the davolydien capital, 10 civilians dead, 2 were kids, 100 hundred others injured. »

« See Achille see ! Hey you ! What ? Bing bang boum ! Why did you kill me ? I don’t know really, I just do what I’m told ! But am no soldier ! Can’t really control the bomb, my bad. »

« The davodylodiens president, Kelevenven, retaliated by ordering the bombing of the goldathien capital. 5 civilians dead. The world expressed they’re worries and stressed that both part should go back to diplomatie. But goldathien troups crossed the border and fierces fights are currently occuring at the… »

« You know sometimes Achille, I think history repeats itself like that… I don’t remember who said that but it’s true ! Yes, Achille we will go for our morning walk but do you know why I always wear that dirty ol’ coat ? No ? That’s the only things I’ve kept from my deployment in Vietnam. I threw away everything Achille, medals and all ! Useless ! That coat was usefull, still use it ! Audrey hated it ! She used to say that when I was wearing it, I didn’t looked like myself, that somehow, she probably felt this with that instinct womens have for seeing invisible things that affect mens, I acted differently when I was rocking it. Yeah I know let’s go ! Wait, one more thing Ulysse, do you know who won the Vietnam war ? Well, The deads ! Because they don’t have to endure life anymore ! And somehow, I’m sure, they ended up in heaven. Like Forgety used to sing, they were’nt fortunate sons. Anyway, enough rambling for today. Let’s walk ! »

The old man put on his old army jacket, who was laid on the chair next to him, and get up without difficulty, no more shaking, no more rambling about the pain.

He ties Ulysse on his leash, open the doors, the sun is bright, you could almost see his dark silhouette changing. His back straight up as he close the door with confidence.


Francis Scott Fitzgerald la totale !

Je dédie cet article à Filipa, fidèle lectrice, fidèle amie, toujours surprenante et adorable.

C’est surprenant mais je n’ai pas lu Fitzgerald tant que ça, disons-le, je n’ai lu que « Gatsby le Magnifique » grâce au film sortit en 2013 avec (mon) Leonardo DiCaprio.

Actuellement, mes goûts en lecture partent dans tous les sens !

De la littérature made in New-York aux romans d’amour classiques, aux classiques tout court, français principalement puis aux True Crime, sports, polars, thrillers, dystopiques, policiers, épouvantes, témoignages, fantastiques, psychologiques, documentaires, sur la musique, la drogue, la psychiatrie et tutti quanti.

Donc pourquoi cet article sur Scott Fitzgerald ?

Bien qu’étant un admirateur d’Hemingway, ayant lu jusqu’à ses lettres, faisant mentions (élogieuses et parfois cocasses) de l’auteur Dandy de la Génération Perdue, Fitzgerald ne m’avait jamais autant attiré que ces derniers temps.

Pourquoi ?

C’était il y a un an, je pense, (je pourrai vérifier sur le blog mais honnêtement, j’ai la flemme) j’ai lu « Anna Karénine » de Tolstoï. J’avais vu le livre dans la partie magazine d’un grand magasin. J’avais cherché « La guerre et la paix » mais cet ouvrage n’était nul part dans le rayon, donc je me suis rabattu sur « Anna Karénine ». Ce que je savais de Tolstoï, je l’ai appris principalement grâce aux correspondances d’Hemingway. Tolstoï était considéré par Ernest comme un de ces génies, tellement génial qu’appréhender son génie était une peine perdue.


Je lis l’ouvrage du monsieur, un roman d’amour principalement, c’était rare pour moi. J’ai été subjugué par l’histoire ! D’habitude, je trouve les fins de romans plutôt faibles, bâclées, quelque chose manque. Mais pour « Anna Karenine », la fin est presque un roman à elle seule. J’ai encore plus été impressionné quand j’ai appris que Tolstoï avait peiné à écrire ce roman, repoussant sa rédaction de plusieurs années. Et surtout, il s’était inspiré d’un fait-divers véridique. Je ne le mentionnerai pas ici car en aucun cas je ne voudrais vous spoiler la lecture de ce magnifique livre.

Aujourd’hui, j’ai envie de lire des romans d’amours, avoir le même ressenti que quand j’ai lu le livre du fabuleux russe. Mais goûts en lecture ont évolué radicalement depuis quelques temps. Des auteur(e)s et des genres, qui, il y a de ça deux ou trois ans, ne m’intéressaient pas ou peu, m’attirent aujourd’hui.

En ce qui concerne les romans d’amours, j’ai ressortis mes classiques, français en majorité. J’ai réalisé que j’ai manqué à la lecture de pas mal d’œuvres importantes, j’y ai remédié du mieux que je pouvais, j’ai « investis » dans des livres, comme j’aime le dire à mes proches quand ils me reprochent d’avoir beaucoup trop de bouquins. Je pourrai leurs sortir cette phrase de John Steinbeck : ‘ Je pense que nous n’avons jamais trop de livres.´ Mais mieux vaut acquiescer, leur dire qu’ils ont raisons et continuer à vous acheter ce qui vous passionne. La vie est courte, on ne sais pas ce que nous réserve demain, encore plus à notre époque. Et puis, mieux vaut des livres que de l’alcool ou de la drogue non ?

Bref (x2)

En cherchant des livres sur New-York, j’ai trouvé, par exemple, Les New-Yorkaises d’Edith Wharton, mais s’est rappelé à moi Francis Scott Fitzgerald !

Je me demande encore aujourd’hui comme j’ai pu lire presque tout Hemingway, en français et en anglais mais ne pas lire son ami Fitzgerald. Parce que les deux légendes de la Génération Perdue était bon amis ! Bien sûr, entre Hemingway et la femme de Fitzgerald, Zelda, le courant ne passait pas du tout. Elle de dire qu’Hemingway n’était qu’un rustre, alcoolique, un homme violent, imbus de lui-même. Lui de dire qu’elle n’était aussi qu’une alcoolique et qui, par jalousie envers l’immense talent de son mari, faisait tout pour l’entraîner dans le fond du gouffre avec elle. Selon Ernest, elle forçait Fitzgerald à aller faire la fête, à boire pour qu’il n’écrive pas. Hemingway a-t-il dis ce qu’il pensait de Zelda en face de Fitzgerald ? Je pense que oui. Comment a réagis Fitzgerald, je n’en sais rien. En tous cas, Scott ne semble pas lui en avoir voulu. Mais je vous donne rendez-vous en fin d’article pour la « présentation » de deux ouvrages de Donaldson, traitant de la relation entre ces deux talentueux écrivains.

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald et Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Qui croire, Zelda ou Ernest ?

Honnêtement, aucune idée, mais à rédiger cet article je réalise que quelqu’un pourrait en écrire un beau roman. Je laisse cette idée à quelqu’un d’autre, je serai trop partial. Hemingway est mon favori !

Je crois me souvenir d’avoir découvert Hemingway dans un des personnages de l’unique roman de Zelda « Accordez-moi cette valse », d’ailleurs j’avais écris, là-aussi, un article sur cette lecture mais je n’ai pas envie de le relire. Panacée que de relire mes anciens articles.

Mais vous verrez quel ouvrage j’ai trouvé en fin d’article. Une amitié brisée ? Je n’espère pas.

Bref (x3)

Toujours est-il que je n’ai lu que Gatsby, et comme vous allez le voir, je vais me rattraper. Je pense m’être procuré toutes ses œuvres et de bonnes biographies. Des histoires d’amours, à New-York ou dans la French Riviera ect… en filigrane, l’histoire d’amour du couple littéraire le plus glamour de la Génération Perdue, et les lettres qu’ils s’échangeaient, m’attendent. (Je suis conscient que j’ai acheté des doublons, mais trouver toutes les œuvres de Fitzgerald n’est pas chose aisée et j’évite les regroupements des œuvres dans un seul livre de peur que l’ouvrage ne contienne pas toutes les œuvres…)

Romans, nouvelles, biographies, correspondances. J’ai choisis d’acheter ses ouvrages en anglais ou en bilingue quand c’était possible, une philosophie de lecture que j’ai emprunté à l’incroyable Filipa. Lire un livre dans sa langue d’origine !

Je me suis d’ailleurs permis une petite folie, l’édition finale de The Great Gatsby de chez Simon & Schuster.

Pour Francis S. Fitzgerald, j’ai cette esthétique Fitzgeraldienne venant purement du film avec DiCaprio, je vous l’accorde, peut-être est-ce là une mauvaise chose. Mais j’ai aimé le film (et j’aime DiCaprio d’amour) contrairement aux critiques guère élogieuses. J’espère le retrouver, cette esthétique et lire des fulgurances, j’espère découvrir un écrivain que Hemingway adorait (et vice-versa). Et être écrivain, apprécié, publiquement et en privé par Ernest Hemingway n’était et n’est pas rien. Ernest pouvait s’avérer jaloux, autant en amour que dans son travail.

Un jeune Ernest Hemingway et un jeune Scott Fitzgerald. Je m’avance peut-être un peu trop mais on voit dans leurs manières de s’habiller la différence stylistique en matière d’écriture. Ernest est direct quand Francis Scott, lui, est dans la finesse.

J’attends beaucoup de cet écrivain, je suis très heureux de découvrir un auteur important et talentueux. C’est comme si je m’ouvrais à un nouveau monde. J’espère aussi apprendre du monsieur, sa vie, son enfance, ses premiers écrits, d’où il tient son talent et ses (son unique ?) amours. Et pourquoi pas en apprendre encore plus sur l’écriture.

En cherchant pendant de longue nuit sans sommeil tous les ouvrages possibles que je pouvais me procurer, j’ai constater que j’étais loin d’être le seul à avoir découvert Fitzgerald via Hemingway. C’est surprenant comment ces deux auteurs sont liés l’un à l’autre. Je me rappel un commentaire d’une personne disant que « son esprit lui disait Hemingway mais son cœur Fitzgerald ». Les deux auteurs semblent toucher en nous une dualité, dualité qui semble presque complémentaire. Deux styles d’écriture différents, deux styles de vie différents, mais qui sont indissociables, ils sont autant important l’un que l’autre, écrivant différemment, certes, mais symbolisant la Génération Perdue à eux seuls. Ou presque.

Pour l’instant, je dirai que l’écriture d’Hemingway est physique, il joue sur le corps, le solide tandis que Fitzgerald (et gardez en tête que je n’ai lu qu’un seul de ses livres) semble être l’écrivain de l’âme, de l’esprit de l’impalpable. Mes lecture me confirmeront mes dires. Peut-être avez vous une idée sur ce sujet ?

J’ai trouvé un ouvrage de Scott Donaldson : Hemingway contre Fitzgerald, je me demande de quelle qualité sera ce livre, je ne connais pas Donaldson, j’espère quelque chose de sérieux et d’objectif même si il semble que Donaldson ai beaucoup écrit sur Hemingway. Mettre dos à dos les plus grand écrivain de leurs générations, cela est ambitieux. J’ai aussi trouvé Hemingway and Fitzgerald par le même auteur. Donaldson à donc mît côte à côte et face à face les deux auteurs.

Petite parenthèse, encore une, j’ai encore trouvé deux livres d’Hemingway que je n’avais pas lu et pourtant, j’écume les sites pour trouver tous ses ouvrages et quand je pense avoir tout lu, PAF, un nouveau livre me saute à la gorge. C’est comme trouvé un billet dans ses poches. C’est ce dire : en faite je ne suis pas arrivé au bout du travail d’Hemingway. Et dire que maintenant je m’attaque à Fitzgerald… si lui aussi arrive à toucher mon âme comme Ernest, je suis parti pour une grande et belle nouvelle aventure. Et ça me rends heureux rien que d’y penser. Les deux sont différents dans leurs style d’écriture mais je sais d’avance, et peut-être est-ce une erreur, que je vais apprécier. Comme Gatsby, il me reste l’espoir.

En ces temps modernes, difficiles, conflictuelles, ces moments de bonheurs devraient êtres chéries car ils sont rares et précieux. Parfois, du papier et de l’encre est ce qui nous (me) rends le plus heureux. Tous simplement. Nous avons tellement besoin d’histoires actuellement. Besoin de ressentir autre chose que la morosité ambiante, conflictuelle et délétère.

N’hésitez pas à me donner des suggestions de lectures sur ou en rapport avec F. S. Fitzgerald si vous en avez ! J’en serai ravis ! Et pas la peine de critiquer le film avec Leonardo car je sais qu’il a été assez vilipendé mais moi je l’ai aimé. DiCaprio fait un très bon Gatsby je trouve.

Évidemment, la pile contient des doublons.

P.S. : comme je ne suis pas très doué, je pense m’être emmêlé les pinceaux dans les photos. Mais je suis persuadé d’avoir tous les ouvrages possibles. Et je suis un grand feignant, ressortir, re-ranger, re-trier tout ces livres, trop de travail ! Lire est beaucoup moins fatiguant !

Merci de m’avoir lu !