Ode To A Redemption (A Poem)

FYI: I am not fluent in English, I’m trying to be at least. Sorry for the potentials mistakes. Feel free to correct me in the comment section.

This poem was inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2

Once there was a time
we would have kill for a dime.

No past,
forget the West,
here in the East,
feel like an undesirable guest.
No laugh, just pain,
and death.

Dreams of majestic beast in the wild,
a free roaming stag.
Everybody here is out of their minds.

Get on horses, run free,
no responsibilities,
no duties.
Just you and me.

It feels like the past,
come at me too fast.

How did we end up here ?
Starting to regret a lifestyle that I’d used to love.
Opened my eyes, should have been with you.
Give each other another shot,
I don’t have much left,
how could I dare,
express myself,
after so many lives destroyed,
by my own hands.

I am ashamed,
and scared.
But I’m waiting for no heaven
‘cause on Earth, I acted like a demon.
I am ready, to join the devil.

This is too easy,
to say sorry,
to ask for forgiveness.

They’re some things you simply can not change,
no going back,
nor going further,
until the end.

I’m roting from the inside,
the mad men I am,
show itself in the outside.

I will not lie,
I had good times,
the ones with you.

You’ll see me next,
six feet under the dirt,
if I have the chance,
to end it all,
with some honor.

As I try to make peace with my God,
I know, coming from me,
this is odd,
Thousand of questions,
starting all with why.
I’ll never have the answer,
I just have to tell you my goodbyes.

Your on my mind,
you were more precious,
than every gold I’ve stolen.
I guess this is the moment,
when we’re about to leave this life,
that everything seem so simple.

Maybe I should forgive everyone,
to disappear,
but know that for you,
I would have gone
a hundred thousand miles,
just to see your eyes.

Maybe one more last kiss,
you’re all I’ve ever missed,
a relationship
gone in the mist.

What a savage I was,
running and ruining
the poisoned gift of a life. Living a lie.

Nothing makes sens,
civilisation is putting fences,
around a property,
working days and night,

That wasn’t the kind of life I’ve ever wanted,
nor a life that I’ve lived.

On the run, constantly,
friends murdered,
the worries.
It took its toll,
on my mind,
on my soul.

I hope that for you, the future hold,
a respectable life,
happiness, that you don’t necessarily
find in dollar bills.

I’ve been hunting for it,
never had enough.
Was I addicted to violence ?
You didn’t deserve that life,
no future,
a constant blur.

You’ll live the rest of your existence,
knowing I was yours once.

I hope that you’ll live fully,
knowing that all along,
you were in my heart.

I was lucky,
to ride along with you,
even if it was on a rocky road.
Your love was priceless to me,
I was too proud,
to express it,
in front of you face.

I regret too much thing,
but now it’s times,
to go away,
to write down my last will, pay back no depts nor bills
and to spread my wings.



A Pinkerton’s Warnings (A short story)

FYI: I am not fluent in English, I’m trying to be at least. Sorry for the potentials mistakes. Feel free to correct me in the comment section.

As I lay in this dens bush, the outlaws are drinking, singing indecent lullaby and exposing their latest successful crime like grandiloquent theatric actor with each other. Of course, those horrid story are embellished, coming out off their mouths.

I follow those bandits for two weeks now. They move often, from state to state, making their couple of weeks of stays a time of nightmares for the locals.

Robbing the poor and the rich folks that roam their lands, killing for a few dimes, stealing diligence, bar fights, rapes, you name it.

The reign of terror of those outlaws is coming to an end. The world has changed gentleman !

The United State is starting to hold up to its name and promises. We are uniting. It took time a good amount of death and misery to reach this ideal.

We, Pinkerton, are a federal agency charged to take down criminals who still haven’t understood that this is the end of impunity for those outlaws.

We have the means, we have the mens and the laws and even the President by our side.

The criminals only got their ideal. Wich belong to an ancient and savage era.

Modernity’s on it’s way. No more gunslingers, no more duels in the middle of the street, no more gangs.

Why did I follow those men for two weeks without interfering with their misdemeanor ?

Gathering proof. We want them to hang on nooses. They have to leave this world that don’t want them and, frankly, never needed them either.

As I am watching them laugh and throwing up their cheap moonlights, I just imagine myself putting a rope around their neck.

Sure, maybe a couple a them have some sort of code of conduct but the simple fact that they are riding together prove that they do not belong here either.

Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you really are.

Those criminals talks about moral but they all are ready to sell their mother for a lighter sentence. The hanging noose, a simple rope frighten those bastards who can kill you for just looking at them the wrong way.

The curious things about those animals it’s that they know we are on to them. They even met us, exchanged fierce firefight with us, but they still think that somehow, we will let them do their crime. They bury their heads in the sand, but they will finish 6 feets under the ground. Well, if someone feels like digging holes for them. I don’t think anybody will go through this hardship for a single one of those maggots.

See, we are on to them. We know, we see, we gather proof, testimony. Their downfall is near. Society is ready… no even better, willing to get rid of them.

I deplore the amount of time we are offering them. They are, in some way, lucky that I am not in charge of their eradication. With me, no trials, just a bullet between the eyes. Quick, simple, effective. That would be the perfect way to end this non-sens.

But I will obey and keep a close watch on those fuckers. Discipline and obedience is key to a civilized society. And I will make sure to look at every single one of their cadavers, spit on them and carry on serving the law, the justice for the emerging and perfect civilisation. For the futur.

The time has come !

Signed : a Pinkerton agent


Blacksad : Quelque part entre les ombres par Díaz Canales et Quarnido

Quatrième de couverture :

« Parfois, quand j’entre dans mon bureau, j’ai l’impression de marcher dans les ruines d’une ancienne civilisation. Non à cause du désordre qui y règne, mais parce que certainement cela ressemble aux vestiges de l’être civilisé que je fus jadis. »

J’avais cette bande dessinée depuis longtemps dans ma liste d’achat. Je n’aime pas trop les séries, je préfère les bd en One-shot, c’est à dire une histoire complète dans une seule BD. Non pas que je trouve les séries mauvaises, mais parce qu’il me faut acheter la suite si le tome 1 me plait. Et ça devient vite un investissement !

Mais j’ai tellement entendu (disons plutôt lu) de bonnes choses sur cette série que j’ai décidé d’essayer, au moins le tome 1 !

Un polar en BD où les personnages sont des animaux ? Intéressant ! Mais en plus, le personnage principal est un chat ? Animal des plus beaux et mystérieux ! Ils me fascinent. Le dessin de couverture est très beau, c’est pour cela aussi que j’ai craqué !

Mais quant est-il de ce matou détective ?

Les dessins sont époustouflants. Ils nous plongent en plein dans l’univers du polar, c’est impressionnant. L’esthétique est parfaite, l’ambiance d’une ville malsaine parfaitement représentée. C’est impressionnant.

Extrait d’une planche

Comment parler du scénario sans ne rien vous révélez ? Cela va s’avérer être difficile car la BD est courte, 48 pages…

Disons qu’un chat détective se mêle à une affaire très personnelle. Et que la vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid…

C’est violent, ça castagne et parfois ça canarde !

Une certaine dose d’humour qui pour moi n’a pas vraiment fais mouche mais ce n’est pas dérangeant. L’histoire, dans ce tome du moins, se déroule vite, pas le temps de s’ennuyer.

Bizarrement, je sais qu’il y a au moins 6 ou 7 tomes à cette série, mais ce tome 1 ne termine pas vraiment sur un cliffhanger. Comme si les auteurs nous disaient : « Vous avez appréciez ? Rendez-vous au Tome 2 pour une nouvelle histoire ! » Et je trouve ça génial. Je pensais que l’histoire dans ce tome 1 allait traîner et qu’il me faudrai me procurer les autres tomes mais non, les auteurs ont été généreux sur ce coup-là !

Les personnages sont tous des animaux :

Chat, chien, souris, rats, lézards, renards, crocodiles, rhinocéros, singes, gorilles et j’en passe !

Remplacer l’humain par l’animal, l’anthropomorphisme, est souvent intéressant dans l’art, et on se remet en question, presque inconsciemment, en lisant ce genre ouvrage. Je pense aux Fables de Lafontaine ou La ferme des animaux de Orwell par exemple. Il y a dans cette BD, un message que les artistes ont voulu faire passer. À chacun son interprétation.

Qui de l’Homme ou de l’Animal est vraiment une bête ? J’aime la quatrième de couverture qui mentionne la civilité. L’Homme « civilisé », ça veut dire quoi exactement ? Ne sommes-nous pas des animaux, nous aussi, à qui on a donné (par erreur ?) une conscience (qui ne nous empêche pas d’être méchant et cruel envers les autres) ? Coucou les fans de True Detective saison 1 !