Just Some Unfortunates Sons Getaway (short story)

FYI: I am not fluent in English, I’m trying to be at least. Sorry for the potentials mistakes. Feel free to correct me in the comment section.

« – Arthur my men ! You got the goods haven’t you ?

  • Have a guess Shepard.
  • You’ve god that ironic smirk, the same that you have when you have a good hand !
  • Jesus Shep’ ! You should’ve become a shrink.
  • Yeah, I was studying for becoming one before coming in this hellhole.
  • Speakin’ of hellhole, move your ass, give some space would ya !
  • Fine ! So, who’s rolling it ?
  • You fucker, you’re not waisting a single minute ! Man you have no idea how hard it is to find some good kush aroun’ here !
  • Jeeeesssssus ! Give me the goods would ya’ !
  • How polite my good sire ! Here you go now, do it quick and perfect, like my girl used to describe my performances in bed !
  • Ah ! You dumbass ! I have a gal’ back home too !
  • Yeah I know Dude but let’s talk ´bout this bitch after a good smoke.
  • She’s cheatin’ on me brother !
  • I bet ! Now come on, roll it up and we’ll talk ‘bout it all right ?
  • Yeah… but high or na i’ll still be mad y’know.
  • High with some music ?
  • What ?
  • You heard me you fuck !
  • Did you fixe that fucking radio ?
  • Yes sir !
  • Man ! You are a women behind all that soldier gear of yours !
  • Ah ! Wait what, come again ?
  • Y’Know, women are good at multitaskin’. And look at you, find weed in this hell and spend is spare time fixing a radio !
  • Buddy, you hittin’ on me or what ? Ah !
  • Ah ! If I had a… y’now instead of a huge dick, I would gladly let you hit !
  • What the fuck are you on !
  • Nothing !
  • That’s what I mean Shep’ ! Your acting high before even smoking !
  • That’s my brain brotha’ !
  • You ain’t got one ! Ah !
  • Fuck you dude !
  • Oh come one. Let me put some music.
  • Yeah ! Do something usefull for once in your life Arthur !
  • I’m serving my country !
  • But you where obligated to do it !
  • Still, am taking the good side of it !
  • See that ! Killin’ vietnamese for good ol’ ‘mericcaaa !
  • « Please show me the way to the next Whiksy bar ! »
  • « Ah don’t ask why ! »
  • « Ah don’t ask why ! »
  • Fucking yes man ! Getting high with a good pal et The Doors !
  • Your wanna light it up ?
  • Nah ! You got the privilege !
  • Merci monsieur !
  • Ah ! French !
  • Oui oui ! Pffffff ! My joint monsieur, big like baguette oui oui han han !
  • Give me give me monsieur !
  • Oui oui !
  • Pfff. The grass… always greener… well more green after i smoke.
  • If it become blue well it’s probably LSD then. So good thing it’s green. Very green !
  • When the last time you tripped on acid ?
  • Like… pfff… 2 month ago ?
  • Where ? Pffff
  • Hanoï !
  • Dude ! Dangerous to trip there !
  • Why ? Pfff
  • The fifth column !
  • Hemingway’s short story ? What are you on about !
  • Pffff. I’m on weed you fuck !
  • Cunt !
  • Let’s not go british, French was enough !
  • What did ya mean with… pfffff. The fifth column ?
  • Well you know… the north-vietnamese that spy and pray on the dumb American who come to Hanoï for a good time !
  • Oh ! That’s what’s a fifth column his ! Pffffff.
  • So tell me ? You got high and ?
  • Well I’ve confused The Rolling Stones and Hendrix.
  • How can this be possible !
  • Acid !
  • Yeah I’ve got that but how ?
  • I don’t know, was at that bar, and the music was… I saw that the music notes had colors !
  • That’s dope.
  • Really is !
  • Man, I have enough of all this shit… Miss home y’know.
  • How many did you smoked ?
  • Wha’?
  • Communists.
  • Oh… I don’t know… everytime the captain tell me to shoot, I shoot. At branches, leaves, trees, grass…
  • Yeah same.
  • It’s like we’ve come here to do landscaping !
  • Ah ! Yeah that’s it ! Never saw a single north-vietnamese diying by my hand !
  • Brother ! The napalm is not to kill but to help us do our duty, landscaping !
  • Ah ! You shit !
  • Arthur ! Shepard ! Where the fuck are you !
  • Pfff. Quick, throw the joint !
  • Fuck no, I’m keeping what’s left of it !
  • Well quick Shep’ for goodness sake !
  • Shepard ! Arthur ! For Christ sake come on let’s go we’re mooving !
  • Here Captain, on our way !
  • Why are you two always together ? Do you folks have some secrets ?
  • No !
  • No sir !
  • Pretty sure they fuckin’ captain.
  • Marshall, shut the hell up would you ! Wait… what the fuck am I hearing ?
  • Radio captain. I fixed it.
  • Well bravo ! Next time put the volume higher so the ennemy can have a listen !
  • Sorry captain !
  • Let’s moove ! Forward !
  • Here we go Shepard, landscaping for good ol’ Uncle Sam !
  • So proud, here we go, doing our duties ! Earning a living ! For the free world ! »



Tributes to The Lizard King # 5 | It’s all Over

The « Tributes to the Lizard King » series is my hommage to the poems and writings of Jim Morrison.

FYI: I am not fluent in English, I’m trying to be at least. Sorry for the potentials mistakes. Feel free to correct me in the comment section.

Today, it’s all over.

We buried the

Unknown Soldier.

Lighted a candle,

nourished the fire.

Walking in the desert and

Step on a wire.

Trip in the sand, and…

Fell in love with a witch

and her magic wand.

Slowly she raised my hand.

Til’ the heaven stop the hell.

That’s what’s she told me.

Did she loved it?

I can’t tell.

I loved her two time,

One for tomorrow and one for


It’s all seem to far away,

like the Beatles and Yesterday.

Life is a bet,

to no one’s,

we owe debt.

Baby we gonna be alright,

because we learned how to forget.

As the sun we’ve been waiting for,


I need to go away,

We are just wanderer,

on planet Earth.

Just flesh, eyes, nervous systems and beating hearts.

Cancel our subscriptions to the


They’re is but one direction,

one thing we will all go through,

you know what I’m talking about.

I leave you, remember me, flamboyant,

no encore.

Followed her in the wood.

You want the world,

Now !

Scream, act bold,

scold because they scorched

our beautiful sister.

As the world go round and round,

we going numb and dumb.

Nobody want to fight in the front line,

for a wicked politician.

Good news !

The hitchhiker is dead !

Peoples flock the street,

but I feel dread.

This was me, the all time !

I had this thirst for love I could not quench

I’ve fallen down.

I can not stand.

Because this is the END.


Tributes to The Lizard King # 4 |A Killer awoke before dawn

The « Tributes to the Lizard King » series is my hommage to the poems and writings of Jim Morrison.

FYI: I am not fluent in English, I’m trying to be at least. Sorry for the potentials mistakes. Feel free to correct me in the comment section.

Wandering in the darkness

For a moment.

Approaching the light and another.

The hitchhiker full of hatred

Realize he is nothing less than dead.

A cold summer rain

A warm winter snow

in the blanket of ice

He took his final bow.

What happened ? His everything allright Pam ?

Young people still dying for Uncle Sam !

Jim !

Nothing have changed.

Put in some pill, cure my brain.

Of disease

with ease.


I’ill stop drinking tomorow morning !

That’s what’s the doctor said.

How much did I paid ?

Cheap drugs

Grave dug


Next stop.

The girl in the window

Still won’t drop.

How they will spread hateful inks

Puting on the paper my weirdest kink.

Always alive

For death I strive

One day I’ll dive

for one last night.

With my pal.

Cosmic Girlfriend

Witch and devil

Is this the end ?

Game ! Took a bet !

Dead body in a bath

mother, father, let your kids avoid the draft !

Beautiful friends, look for a cold blooded lizard

Instead of a scamming wizard.

In few decade will come a friend

destroying the establishment from the inside.

And a bullet In his brain

That will be all he gain.

Everyone carry their pain.

Perverted, divergent generation of unholy saints

Singing for the redemption of…

I’m glad you came.

When I do it alone darling

I feel such a shame.

This is not the same.

Can we stop that game.

Boring end of a day,

an other dead corpse

an other death for hopes.

Oh captain I feel sorry.

Why so much disdain ?

Mistrust ? Why do they deserve

a bullet in the guts ?

Why Am I here ? What’s my worth ?

I will finish my days

with my mistress.

I’ve sang about the scream of a butterfly



a life unchained, untied.

Freedom for all.

The real one.

Don’t listen to your president

he too, kill innocent.

Exhuberent, arrogant.

All of them,



Clinging for power.

Humanity ? For that it’s over.

They send your child

to the slaughter house.

When they should be hanging out

in a road-house.

Dead generation

Forget the past.

It’s their turn now

To turn the tide.

A table turn

the forest burn

kids with gun,

They’ve got the fund,

to wage their war.

But none for them,

by the side of the road,

abandonned again.

The hitchhiker

modern Charon

Cross the river

it is shallow

everythings seems,

so hollow.

How the place you’ll go !

Fly high

Come down

to drown

and die.

You fell of the boat

their’s no one above

Neither below.

How the place you will hurt

Boots full of dust

rifles full of rust.

The killer of the futur,

will taste an other kind

Of lust !

Lost !

Mother ?

Yes son ?

Nothing, I’m moving out, moving on !

Buy the times this message reach you,

I will be long gone

because I alway awoke before dawn.

I put my boots on.

Father ?

Yes son ?

I’m not the one,

searching for honor.

Neither glory.

Don’t you worry

Mom, dad.

I’m glad,

thanks to you, a decent life I had,

reality hit me hard.


meet me at the psych ward !


Tributes to The Lizard King # 3 | Rising your Mojo

The « Tributes to the Lizard King » series is my hommage to the poems and writings of Jim Morrison.

FYI: I am not fluent in English, I’m trying to be at least. Sorry for the potentials mistakes. Feel free to correct me in the comment section.

Lit a cigarette
In front of the audience.
Hit it once
Throw it on them.

In the trenches,
Audacious !
Going over the fences.
Government lies are denses.

And Flamenco.

Bulls love mouvement
Not the color !
Smell the blood
Iron odor.

Open the Doors !

travel, jump on the floor

no feast, again ?
No friends
No honor.

Bedroom full
Of books.
Trying to plant some

Hangin on to something.
Check the noose.

Give him boose
So he can leave.
On the loose.
He cannot choose.

A freak accident,
By the side of the road,
Dead Natives Indians.
White Americans are

They said ;
Careful !
They’re a killer on a road !
You know the form of his brain !
Tried to change him in vain.
He want to inflict pain.

Hotel money sex and alcool
Hangover as an hyperbole.

Cigarette ashe burned my crotch.
I have to find another dealer
Another dope,
To float my boat.

Tell God
Face Satan,

He’s got himself,
A face, one of a goat.

Call Deepthroat.

A missing colony in Roanoke.

Soft balls, eyes.
hard bones, hole.

She just want to sleep with some guy.
He just want a relationship.
Church, mariage and

How boring…

Guns on the night stand
gonna make the night end.
Note of Achille last stand.

Walking on one leg
shooting with one hand.

The other to busy,
Making provocative gestures.

Yesterday, far away
A Beatles is dead
imagine, song wrote in bed
For a protest
by a millionaire
it’s business
long hair
Really dont care.

Another shooting
Hitchhiker in the wilderness
Black tharp
Cobain brain
Sex drive drained
clout gain
When the music start again.

Daughter of the storm,
birds feeding their offspring
They’ve feasted on your dead body.

Morning glory.
Take good care of my wood.
please lady of the street
Be good.

Yelling compliments aloud
head in the clouds.

Give me one ! Please
put myself at ease.
The old men is wise
your thighs, my prizes.

Tight squeeze.

Reflection on the tempo
no mirror
Check ego.

Valentine, oh Valentine !
Officers, I’m innocent !
They started it,
stamping elephant
wear some elegant
For you are the galant.
Bed sheets, a talent.

Lucy in the sky with diarhhea

way done bellow.
On the receiving end,
guess a color,
said yellow.

missile. Launch.
Being eated alive
by a brown bear. Lunch.

With me you are
Tomorow we’ll be good.

But tonight
I’ve met a maniac,
Who think the hear is flat.

Walk on the moon
the dark side
of her. The bright
Influence the sea tide.

Tidy little bedroom
tank crew go boom.

Met the witch on her broom.

Pater Riot

super ball.
An invite
welcome home.

The same rhymes,
the same time.

Kill a men
Don’t go to prison
attacking a demon.

Stay with mom
leave us alone.

Quote on quote
Broad on Broadway’s sidewalk.

Take it, see you, shit sister.

Kneeling for the anthem,


Go home

you are a dead.

Mouvements and conflicts
In our eternity.

Live light show
making it flows.

Foes full of flaws.

Old papy pays the fine
With rusty Diamonds.

Stay easy and calm

Scream at the wall.

Great lf the sea

make out the scenery.

Woke up !

When ?

Foremost, tomorrow,

Forward, too hard.

First Forest, burn.
Familiar with the boss
But we hate him.



School called
Let him in.


Holy war,

All in the
Film Noir.

And whiling to be reborn.

No renaissance.

Take your Time.
Reverse the big flow.

A sail laid on the sea tide.

Cancer diagnostic,

let me die.
For what.
Rested my case before and again.
Peaceful resident
Adamant and conscientiously resistant.

I let myself drown into the sea.

We are from another realm ?

Nod your head yes
And I’ll say no.

Go away demon of the night
Yesterday I rested
Today once more,

So let me go !

Your evil dance.

Demonic chance.
See you after.
The sun is up.
Ghosts throwing up.
They couldn’t handle
Their last cup.

Bye now
World of non-sense.

To never and ever.

Good sight.

For a good bye.


Tributes to The Lizard King Series # 2 | Turn On The Lights !

The « Tributes to the Lizard King » series is my hommage to the poems and writings of Jim Morrison.

FYI: I am not fluent in English, I’m trying to be at least. Sorry for the potentials mistakes. Feel free to correct me in the comment section.

The music as ended, get up and turn on the lights.

Slowly, my eyes will burn.

Onward !

Let me rest
Fight my inner demons

Outside the window,
Hear the tempest.
Invasive thoughts,
Unwelcomed guest.

Heavy burden, get of my chest.
your finger tips
Run on my skin,
The devil and his jest.

In the never,
Go west,
In the wilderness
thick bushy forest.

Turn on the lights,
Let’s make it bright !

Since the music’s over,
Watch out for the Hitchiker,
Faceless shadow,
Mean, rugged, you disgrace !

I’ll tell you,
When to
Put it off

Because my dear


it’s not the end
The dark feelings, the bitter,
Once more. Over. We’ll do it again.

Just a beginning.

Pass the chemical,
for the American pastoral
Not a country for the Royals.

Let’s go back, to the Grace.
Dear Father, they’re sinner.

To the moon.

All above
A watchtower
No joker
Tell dylan
No tambourin man !

Come again come again !
No ! Next Time.

Right now,
Still need to gather
That mind of mine
thinking about that
Surprise gathering
unlocket it
Took of my hat.
Ready for
The blow-back.

Poor Ophelia, you said it.
The gambler hit.

All in
Chance are
One to five
I only have
Luck this time.

And you, angel,
Wipe out the Dust
With those fairy wings
wind gust.
Throught the Windows
Again, Hitchiker looking for.
Making Widows !

Still, it’s not the time
And talk. It will hurt
lizard hard eye,
bedroom a mess.

Bring in no priest
banned books all over the place.

Watch for every step,
gain distance from me,
Go away from you.

Still up
mine almost there
Their’s time to spend
life to waste.
no shackles

on wrist.
Welcome, this is not a test
put on weight. The robber
got no vest.

He’s always heading west.

Thunder rolling in the east
maggots and yeast.

Always the same,
Repeating storys
of mother crying
of machins, gunning
Rising mister ?
Mojo willing !
Tasty !
Well, billing.

Money for nothin’
The Killer on the road

Hooker of my street
Hustling with J.Edgar

Over. Not.

Let’s tie another knot !
Hear an other note,
go down and up.

Shining through sherif !
Show, shiner, shining
First photography
aliby !
No you honor,
I’ve condessed
I killed him
jury’s in horror.

Again the window !
Supected spectator
Spectacular and
illusions are not opticals

In my youth
Ridin’ bum
Thumbs press her gum.

Pentobarbital delirium
Til death tear us apart !
Glad to hear from them
the sect
The guru
Solding your gem.

What’s life but a game.

Lights are off, didn’t notice it at first
back at it,
last to run.
Lead the fun
cow-boy empty your gun.

Fragile, fragile !
Careful !
When you move the crate
Treatorous creature !

All on board !
Shot vulture !

Nothing is
Against nature,

Except deprived minds like ours.

Good allure…

Ascending !


Situation is dire !

Light spray faster than
A startled cat.

Gaining more fat
For the King.

silence, no more chat.
Dear audience
This is the end

Of the act.

Dim the light.


Dazed and confused.

Down the hatch

Once again, dear friend.

Down and out.



Tributes to The Lizard King series # 1 | Under the influence

The « Tributes to the Lizard King » series is my hommage to the poems and writings of Jim Morrison.

FYI: I am not fluent in English, I’m trying to be at least. Sorry for the potentials mistakes. Feel free to correct me in the comment section.

Wrote under influence

Here I am. Once again I have to take this pill supposed to make me feel good. To stop my sadness and to make me sleep.

Let me tell you, I hate those drugs ! My instinct, when I’ve been prescripted them, told me that’s wasn’t a good thing. I should have followed my instinct. After all, this ancient gift lead us, humanity, to where we are right now.

The first time I took them, they tasted like something… chimical. Almost sour and surely not a moment I look up to when I’m going to sleep.

I accuse them of being responsible for a lot of physical problems. Hair failling out from my scalp.

It mess with my whole body but others, them, they all seems ok after taking it but apparently… the problem is me.

So, once I swallow the pills, I was sure that this drugs will lead me to degradation.

Well I have heard many times, from my gut instinct, from the inside.

So I kept taking it… it was something. I took one a few minutes ago.

telle me the worse situation.

How much of pill consumption do i need ?

This pill also bring non-sens.

This is a strange things, what am I seeing ?

So now, I should really understand.

I dread having to take them.

They burn my brain.

Until the sun rise, that cruel mesure of time. A tic and a toc.

This is messing up everything over there. Why do we need sleep anyway.

Doing it’s things, it’s a very good service !

It’s difficult to write under the influence. Why ? Too hard for you to fully understand. Take one for yourself darling.

They want to kill a loyal customer. I wish I could go and see, but I’m on my way to become a zombi.

I don’t understand why I need this… come on. Why don’t you go inside and leave me alone after consumption ?

What kind of subject do you offer me ?

Vision of tree and fake leather.

Where do you wan’t to lead me ?

What do you want to show me ?

What do you want from me ?

Why are you showing me this ?

Is everything ok ? You burn my brain.

My energy you’re draining.

Too much damage ! I’ll finish in the gutters.

Stop enforcing your laws on me !

Segnõr stop ! I’m only daft, don’t wan’t to die yet !

If only my body could understand. I just want sleep.

How heavy is the mind ? How fragil it is. A simple pill !

The forest is waiting for me. I see the tree, green leaves ! I take some for thee…

How romantic ! Lost in my antics’!

Thanks you Jim for your wisdom,

Because know I’m feeling free !

In my poetry !

Unleash the crazy !

Down, my eyes are bleeding. For trying to escape an heavy mind. Can’t even found solace in the arms of the sleeping god !

Why Am I Even (heaven) here ?

Duality of the two sides of my brain. One telling me : give up yourself my dear. The other ? Too numb, to dumb.

I don’t want it ! But I need it ! Duality, this foe ! You ennemy !

Let me sleep !

But you have to do your deed !


Writing till my mind shut off.

A gift for you, dear reader. Kind audience.

This is everyday, a battle for wellness.

A pill, and another one. Waking up in the middle of the night to finish the work. And meeting a strange fellow. A mysterious entity took control. Few hours of sleep and he disapear.

How strange.

Thanks Jim.

To the wizard king !

Keep dancing !

I wish I could… tame my music.

Sorry, I need some sleep.


Hééééééééééroïne !

Les sons des guitares saturées du Velvet Underground me vrillent les oreilles. C’est un séisme d’images démoniaques dans ma tête, de femmes nues faisant l’amour à des pieuvres.

Et la voix de Lou Reed, qu’il repose en paix, me berce.

Héééééééééroïne ! That’s my wife and that’s my life ahaha !

Putain tu aurais dû sentir ça, quand j’ai injecté le smack !

And when the smack begin to flow, iiiiii really don’t care anymore !

Je suis sûr que Debbie Harris a un jour déambulé dans cette ruelle, laisse moi lécher le sol et sentir son passage ici !

Shiny shiny ! Shiny boots of leather !

Merde c’est pas la bonne chanson, changes !

J’ai la trique rien que d’y penser. Je suis mon ami le rat messager du passé, il connaît le passé. Ça sert à rien mais connaître le futur ça serait déprimant donc je le suis ! Au galop.

And bleeeeeeeeed for me !

Toujours pas la bonne musique hey changes, échanges enfin !

Et la tête, de Médusa, la putain de ma rue, je suis sur que je vais la trouvé dans cette benne à ordure, car une pute, ça vie pas bien longtemps !

And you can’t help me now, you guys,
And all you sweet girls with all your sweet talk,

Et elle sucerai la banane de Andy Wharol. Des bastos dans le buffet, son repas sera complet. Pauvre femme, pauvre homme en manque d’amour. Les hommes, l’amour, ils pensent avec leurs bites, il faut lui couper la queue !

And all the politicians makin’ busy sounds,
And everybody puttin’ everybody else down,

Tu crois que je suis fou, mais en faite je vois beaucoup plus de chose que vous pourriez jamais en voir, enfilez-vous une dose de black tharp, faite passer l’aiguille, de toute façon, on meurt plus du sida non ? Tu l’as sûrement attrapé avec Médusa, ça et là chaude-pisse et la Chlamydia.

Because a mainer to my vein
Leads to a center in my head,
And then I’m better off than dead

Causes sale rat ! Quoi ? La benne à ordure m’appelle maintenant, j’arrive ma belle, tu sens meilleur que mes orteils. Pas solide comme phrase d’approche mais tu ouvre grande ta bouche avale moi !

I wish that I was born a thousand years ago

Un millier d’année c’est quoi quand tu connais le passé hein le rat ? Un millier d’années c’est une goutte d’eau dans l’Ocean de la connerie humaine qui croit que le temps c’est palpable et c’est aussi de l’argent oui maintenant le rat est une baleine, que dis tu Moby Dick ?

I wish that I’d sail the darkened seas,
On a great big clipper ship,
Going from this land here to that

On est tous des Achab sauf que notre noirceur on n’ose pas la montrer. NOON surtout pas hey on est civilisés connasse ! Et la baleine, c’est cette petite voix dans ta tête qui te dit de sauter sur les rails du métro. Cours, voles, navigues la vie et meurs comme tu en as envie hey connasse nages !

Then thank God that I’m as good as dead,
Then thank your God that I’m not aware,
And thank God that I just don’t care,

Oui en faite on aime les gens parce qu’on attends d’eux quelque chose et quand nous l’avons on les jettent, tant qu’à faire, on est des milliards, pas besoin d’être ami-ami avec tout le monde tu sais ! En plus c’est plein de germes leurs peaux et leurs pieds qui sentent le parmesans. Tu sais pourquoi les pieds puent ? Parce qu’ils sont près du sol. Si ça t’excite t’as un plus gros problème que moi mon gars, j’suis p’tetre un camé mais des types comme toi faudrait les enfermer et les castrer. Mettre ta bite à l’air et la coincer dans une porte et appuyer dessus jusqu’à ce que ça coupe !

And all the dead bodies piled up in mounds

Toute ces merdes que les gens jettent ! Tu cherches dans les poubelles d’une famille parfaite, tu apprends tout d’eux et tu les accostes et tu te fais passer pour un prophète à leur yeux. Écoutes, l’humain a appelé un animal « paresseux » t’rends compte ? Le toupet ! Je suis sur qu’eux ils nous appellent les gros connards !

I don’t know just where I’m going,
But I’m gonna try for the kingdom if I can

On va nul part car notre monde est vide, le vrai sens moi j’te le dis si tu veux c’est la mort. Des ténèbres rien après. Vas-y prends place tête de prostitué, laisse moi faire le garrot car oui y’avais bien ta ganache là dedans, entre une capote et une peau de clémentine que j’ai d’ailleurs consommé, la clémentine hein. Personne ne te cherchera pute, qui s’en soucis des putes ? Moi, moi regardes je t’accompagne dans cette benne, je pourrais utiliser ta tête comme un bang ! Si je meurs faite ça de ma tête plutôt que de fumer mes cendres.

When I put a spike into my vein,
And I’ll tell ‘ya, things aren’t quite the same,
When I’m rushin’ on my run,
And I feel just like Jesus’ son

Ah oui ! Donc y’a pas de vie après la mort non non ! Attend, tu crois que t’es important ? Tu crois vraiment qu’il y a un paradis et que tout ira bien là haut ? Mais bien sûr, le paradis pour chacun tu vois Moby, c’est subjectif donc impossible que le paradis puisse exister, ou bien il est personnel dans ce cas, on est seul aussi, mieux vaut les ténèbres ! Tu sais ce que ce serait le paradis pour un mâle ? Du sexe ! Pas très religieux enfin ça dépend laquelle je crois. Une existence éternelle passée entre les nichons brûlés à la cigarette de Médusa. Je te le dis, les aliens nous observent comme si on regardait une série télé, et connard, baisses le son !

Sunday morning, brings the dawn in

Ah c’est déjà le matin ? Mais où suis-je ? Mars et le Groenland en même temps. Laisse moi sortir poser un pied sur cette boue.

Watch out, the world’s behind you
There’s always someone around you who will call

Par derrière, par devant, peu importe. Mais qui frappe à la porte ! Tiens mais c’est le soleil, viens darder tes rayons sur les tétons ! Le soleil est bleu ici, tu rends compte Beethoven ? Putain. Hey la pute, regardes, Dick s’est transformée en Saint Bernard, drôle de non surtout qu’il est pas castré le clebs ! Hey le soleil, t’es marié avec la lune ?

I’ve got a feeling I don’t want to know

Réponds moi pas surtout. Hey ! Pourquoi mon corps se secoue. C’est électrique, je suis pas sadomasochiste mais je respire maintenant mieux ! Jamais d’asthme, l’héroïne tient bien son nom, ton corps, bam, c’est comme un rayon de soleil bleu !

It’s nothing at all

T’a changé de musique disque jockey ! Tu galopes c’est pour ça mes soubresauts. Et des humains se penchent sur moi, c’est flou, ça braille, ça pose des questions, c’est en uniforme ! Des intergalactiques, sûre que la NASA cache bien son jeu. La femelle me demande si je peux lui serrer la main, je le fais tant qu’à faire, si tu pouvais me serrer autre chose si vous voyez c’que j’veux dire ! Rassurez vous qu’elle me dit, vous êtes entre de bonnes mains ! Caressez-moi ! Merci femme, on va où, direction l’hôpital ! Blouse blanche comme la poudre, j’vais sniffer comme un toutou.

Bye bye Reed, apparement, l’enfer ne veut pas de moi tout de suite, on se dirige vers des gens qui sauvent d’autres gens pour devenirs riches. L’assurance va pas payer pour une overdose, je n’ai même pas le droit de crever en paix ! Je te le jure, demain j’arrête d’essayer de vivre droit, si l’on peut choisir de vivre comme on veut, hey bien on doit aussi pouvoir choisir de mourir comme nous le souhaitons. Un smack, un rail, une belle paire de fesses à déguster jusqu’à finir devant Saint-Michel. Alléluia que les peuples vivent en paix !

Ce texte a, évidemment, été inspiré par la musique de The Velvet Underground et le travail de William S. Burroughs.


Our house par Crosby, Still, Nash and Young

Our House par Crosby, Still, Nash and Young sur YouTube

Nous sommes en 1970, un autre monde de nos jours.

Les cheveux sont longs, on combat la guerre par l’amour. La douleur par drogue. La société par la musique.

Le trio Crosby, Stills et Nash est rejoint par un jeune virtuose de la poésie et de la guitare, un certain Neil Young, grand, maigre, cheveux long. Ils sortiront de leur collaboration un magnifique album.

Cette chanson, dans laquelle vous vous plongez, nécessite que vous fermiez les yeux et écoutiez leurs harmonies accompagné de leurs guitares et leurs paroles.

Tout va bien, vous êtes avec l’être que vous aimez, dans une maison parfaite pour vous et vos deux chats qui se prélassent dans le jardin. Vous avez allumé le feu dans la cheminé, des fleurs sont posées par votre âme sœur dans un vase, tout neuf. Après tant de déboire, vous êtes heureux, donc vous chantez.

J’espère que vous apprécierez. Je vous conseil vivement de découvrir Crosby, Still, Nash qui formaient un groupe appelé… Crosby Still and Nash !

Pendant quelques temps, un jeune musicien surnommé The Loner, le solitaire en français, Neil Young, les rejoindra pour ajouter sa voix à la leur. Magie de la musique.

D’une époque où la jeunesse proclamait l’amour contre la haine.

Malheureusement, cette jeunesse a vite retournée sa veste, laissant les futures générations dans la confusion. Encore aujourd’hui…

Our house is a very, very, very fine house

With two cats in the yard

Life used to be so hard

Now everything is easy ’cause of you

Petite anecdote : Neil Young a dit que Kurt Cobain n’était pas juste le meilleur, mais le meilleur de tous les temps.


The Weeknd V2 :

The Weeknd : « Beauty Behind the Madness » « Starboy » « After Hours »

L’univers erotico-narcotico-depressif d’Abel Tesfaye, AKA The Weeknd, est fascinant, ensorcelant, inquiétant, subtile, parfois effrayant mais quel talent, quel voix, quelle prestance ! J’aime beaucoup et j’attends de le voir un jour live et de découvrir ses prochains projets.