My Goodbye to Jim Morrison | The Selected Works of Jim Morrison [Cloud Words Article]

Je dédie cet article à ma chère Pandora. Tu sais mon admiration pour toi et je sais ton dédain pour les compliments. Accepte celui-ci, si être « admirée » par ma petite personne est un compliment.

Tous les mots et photos proviennent du livre.

Prologue by Anne

« Money is freedom »

« The Pony Express »

Automatic writing

never happened

« Horse Latitudes »

left school, for dumb reason

was wise

lost notebook

hypnotized or taking sodium pentothal

Been free.


Is everybody in ? (Repeated 3 times)

The ceremony is about to begin.

Once I had a little game

I liked to crawl back into my brain

I think you know the game I mean

I mean the game called ‘go insane’

Forget the world, forget the people

Wait !

There’s been a slaughter here.


Run, run, run

Let’s run

« I am the Lizard King

I can do anything

(cries of assent)

all labor is a lie;

I want obedience !

I confess

To the poet

Snake-wreaths & pleasures.

She fell.

They killed him.

A shot-gun blast


More of your miracles

More of your magic arms

The elaborate sun implies

Dust, knives, voices.

Call out of the Wilderness

Do you want us that way with the rest ?

Do you adore us ?

Fall down.

Boys are running.

Girls are screaming, falling.

Lizard woman


A forest.

Now for the valley

Take her home.

A pair of Wings.



The warm aquarium, warm

Doesn’t the ground swallow me

« See Naples & die. »

& death

in the avid summer.

Savage destiny

explore the labyrinth

Sisters of the unicorn, dance


Find her !

Female prophet

Music renews.



Walking to the riot


Mercy pack

Nailed to a ghost

Stranger, traveller,

Camel caravans bear

Terrible shouts start

in the mind


Leave her !

Cancer city

Summer sadness

Stop the car

The gods of mourning

we march toward the sea

Catalog of Horrors

« You got a cool machine »

from a tired land

island, & is gone.

will be dark

Trench mouth

to the killing.

The artists of Hell

the terrible landscape

the slaughtered wind

I am ghost killer

the death of all joy


you will fry

You are alone

who made you man

Photo-booth killer

Kill hate

Kill photo mother murder tree

The beautiful monster

Menstrual fur

My son will not die in the war

consult the oracle

Mantra mate

the poison

the time-bomb free

The new man, time-soldier

this could be fun

to rule a wasteland

text of the unforgiven

but all will pass

is in love

on Vision

the religion of possession

(Windows work two ways,

mirrors one way.)

Into our chamber.

Read love vocabulary

Does the theatre keep out light, or keep on darkness ?

Modern life is a journey by car.

You cannot touch these phantoms.

Film spectators are quiet vampires.

to rival the real.

She said « Your eyes are always black. »

We all live in the city.

The spectator is a dying animal.

defining our world in its percussions.

Our lives are lived for us.

Door of passage to the other side,

The soul frees itself in stride.

(I touched her tigh

& death smiled)

give us and hour of magic

Artist as moral catalyst

I wish clean death would come

Writing helps you think

Crystallize a trip & memories

the moon became a woman’s face.

France is 1st,

Your image of me

my image of you

The Studio is a dark church

The cigarette burned my fingertips

My eyes took a trip to dig the chick


Black horse hooves galloping sun

– – Time does not exist.

There is no time.

– – Time is a straight plantation

He follows a woman into the firmament

There’s a whole realm I mustn’t tell

Please death be the end

to disarm them smile at our failure

These days are coming to an end

This time come in me like an astronaut

Send snakes in my orbit

« He had to »

Flowers & lights.

The Love Police

The walls screamed poetry disease & sex

They send me books

Times change, damaged

Will warm names & faces come again

Acid had tried to make a mystic out of me

Men holding hands.

Ceremonies, theatre, dances

to reassert tribal needs & memories

As the body is ravaged

the body grow stronger.

The Politics of ecstasy are real

Well, I been down so very damn long

That it look up to me

Well she feels like dying

But she’s only 21

She’s not alone man

She’s not the only one.

We create

the dawn

This is the end

Beautiful friend.


The old men and his old coat. (A short story in english)


[Ceci est une petite histoire écrite en anglais, ou du moins, j’ai essayé]

He woke up, same things as always.

« Sadly » he would have told you.

He glance, like every morning, at his wedding picture placed on his bedside table. « Audrey was beautiful this summer day » you would have heard him muttered as he slowly get up from his bed.

Achille, his old labrador, come to lick his right hand. « He know my bones are failing me, he is very intelligent ».

He put the radio on, Bob Dylan just finished singing about his meeting with a tambourine man when he hear the unfamiliar voice of a news anchor. « I used to love listenning to this station because nobody speak ! Look like I’ll have to find a new one to listen to. »

While he struggle to pour his black coffee, he mumble again. « Looks like no one want to shut up nowadays, everyone have something to say and, worst of all, they wan’t to be heard ! We can’t live if we have to stop to listen to everyone griefs. »

He sat down at his kitchen table, his whole body shaking and let out a gasp of relieve when he is finaly seated.

If it would have been a regular morning, you would have seen Jim stiring his spoon in the coffee cup at the rythm of a random folksong. « The day Dylan put the electric on his shoudler, that’s the day the music ended, I tell you », He would have say. But no stiring today, the news anchor was speaking.

« This night, at 2 AM, the Goldiathy attacked his neighbour, Davolidy. The tension have been building for months between the two states. »

« Ah ! Hear that Achille ! War ! What mens are the best at ! Let’s hear some more Achille ! Let’s hear the reason for that war, you’ll see Achille, they always find a reason to start a war, but the real stupidity is the reason why they will continue to kill each other, listen ! »

« Poldummy, president of Goldiathy since 20 years, declared that they attacked Davolidy, stating a fear of aggression by the davolidien. The american intel warned the president of Davolidy of the bellicist project and probable aggression by the goldiathien since months. The multiple meetings between the two presidents seems to have not de-escalete the growing tension. »

« Hear that Achille my boy ! They attacked they’r neighbor by fear of being attacked first. That my boy, this is a very very normal and basic excuse to start a war ! Christ ! How stupid ! Ah ! But now, let’s listen how much damage have been done, listen, civilians, Achille, civilians, the ones who haven’t asked for nothing, listen, how much of them have been killed. What Achille ? Yes, you right, maybe some soldiers died but you see, the civilian often are the one dying first and, yes I tell you, they’re always civilians victims, most of the time, they’re is more dead civilians than dead soldiers. Listen ! »

« The first attack was by shelling on the davolydien capital, 10 civilians dead, 2 were kids, 100 hundred others injured. »

« See Achille see ! Hey you ! What ? Bing bang boum ! Why did you kill me ? I don’t know really, I just do what I’m told ! But am no soldier ! Can’t really control the bomb, my bad. »

« The davodylodiens president, Kelevenven, retaliated by ordering the bombing of the goldathien capital. 5 civilians dead. The world expressed they’re worries and stressed that both part should go back to diplomatie. But goldathien troups crossed the border and fierces fights are currently occuring at the… »

« You know sometimes Achille, I think history repeats itself like that… I don’t remember who said that but it’s true ! Yes, Achille we will go for our morning walk but do you know why I always wear that dirty ol’ coat ? No ? That’s the only things I’ve kept from my deployment in Vietnam. I threw away everything Achille, medals and all ! Useless ! That coat was usefull, still use it ! Audrey hated it ! She used to say that when I was wearing it, I didn’t looked like myself, that somehow, she probably felt this with that instinct womens have for seeing invisible things that affect mens, I acted differently when I was rocking it. Yeah I know let’s go ! Wait, one more thing Ulysse, do you know who won the Vietnam war ? Well, The deads ! Because they don’t have to endure life anymore ! And somehow, I’m sure, they ended up in heaven. Like Forgety used to sing, they were’nt fortunate sons. Anyway, enough rambling for today. Let’s walk ! »

The old man put on his old army jacket, who was laid on the chair next to him, and get up without difficulty, no more shaking, no more rambling about the pain.

He ties Ulysse on his leash, open the doors, the sun is bright, you could almost see his dark silhouette changing. His back straight up as he close the door with confidence.


Japan’s Infamous Unit 731 par Hal Gold

Firsthand Accounts of Japan’s Wartime Human Experimentation Program

Quatrième de couverture :

Some of the cruelest deeds of Japan’s war in Asia did not occurs on the battlefield, but in quiet antiseptic medical ward in obscure parts of China. Far from the front lines and prying eyes, Japanese doctors and their assistants subjected human guinea pigs to gruesome medical experiments in the name of science.

Author Hal Gold draws upon a wealth of sources to construct a portrait of the Imperial Japanese Army’s most notorious medical unit, giving an overview of its history and detailing its most shocking activities. The book presents the words of former unit members themselves, taken from remarks they made at a traveling Unit 731 exhibition held in Japan in 1994-95. They recount vivid firsthand memories of what it was like to take part in horrific experiments on men, women and children, their motivations and reasons why they chose to speak about their actions all these years later.

A new foreword by historian Yuma Totani examines the actions of Unit 731, the post war response by the Allies an the lasting importance of this book. Japan Infamous Unit 731 represent an essential addition to the growing body of literature on the still unfolding story of some of the most infamous war crimes in military history. By showing how the ethics of normal men and women can be warped in the fire of war, this important book offers a window on a time of human madness and the hope that history will not be repeated.

HAL GOLD was a writer, journalist and historian who was a resident of Kyoto for over 30 years. He authored many books, essays and articles on Japanese history and culture including Japan in a Sake Cup, Neutral War, Japanese army medical officer and several articles on turn-of-the-century Kyoto development.

YUMA TOTANI is professor of modern Japanese history at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She authored The Tokyo War Crimes Trial : The Pursuit of Justice in the Wake of World War II, co-authored, Justice in Asia and the Pacific, 19451952 : Allied War Crimes Prosecutions and has written numerous articles.

Comment écrire sur ces horreurs et surtout, quoi partager avec vous, ceci est le dilemme (encore) pour cet article.

L’unité 371 a été créée par le jeune et ambitieux Ishii avec l’aval de l’empereur Hirohito. Le but étant de préparer, de créer et d’améliorer des armes offensives et défensives chimiques en les testants sur des êtres humains vivants.

L’unité était installée dans l’état fantoche de Mandchourie, créée par les japonais lors de la guerre sino-japonaise, à l’est de la Chine. À Pingfang plus exactement. L’endroit était tenu secret défense. Construit comme un château, avec deux cheminées pour incinérer les corps.

Médecins, infirmiers, étudiants et jeune soldats y ont « exercés ».

Vivisections avec et/ou sans anesthésies, expériences sur le froid, sur les maladies vénériennes, le typhus, le choléra, la peste ect…

Les victimes étaient appelé des maruta, des « planches ». Elles étaient chinoises, coréennes, russe, anglaises, françaises et américaines. Les victimes occidentales restaient rares. Des femmes, des hommes et des enfants (incluant les nourrissons) en étaient les victimes et cobayes.

Le livre est partagé en deux, une section historique, une section témoignages d’anciens soldats (car les médecins, infirmiers ect… étaient soldats). Les deux sections étant séparées par une toute petite partie photos, contenant juste les photographies des ruines de l’établissement et des reconstitutions des expérimentations. Cette section est plus anecdotique qu’autre chose, vous pouvez trouver sur internet plus de photographies.

Les témoignages des bourreaux sont important, car à la fin de la guerre, les soldats étaient priés de se taire. Et nous connaissons l’obéissance et la discipline des soldats japonais envers leur empereur. Surtout que beaucoup recevaient de l’argent pour leur silence. Heureusement, une poignée a décidé de témoigner pour ne pas oublier. Aucune victime n’a survécu, nous n’avons que les aveux des bourreaux pour savoir ce qu’il se passait dans cette unité. Les anciens bourreaux témoignent, expriment leurs regrets et demandent pardon.

Aucuns des ces criminels n’a été jugés, les japonais ayant utilisés judicieusement la guerre froide pour se couvrir. En échangeant des informations avec les américains, en les menaçants de révéler les résultats des expériences à l’URSS. La plupart de ces « expériences » n’ont pas apportées de découverte majeure, loin de là. Les japonais ont bluffés leurs juges.

Femmes enceintes éventrées, femmes de conforts, victimes gazées, forcées a des relations sexuelles pour étudier la propagation des maladies vénériennes.

Congeler des membres du corps pour tester la résistance des os avec un marteau, victimes vidées de leurs sangs, attachées à des planches pour observer l’efficacité des obus contenant des agents pathogènes, élevages de rats et de puces pour étudier et propager des virus. Ces expériences servaient à créer des armes bactériologiques, par bombe, ou par empoisonnement des rivières, principalement.

Aucuns « tests » sur d’innocents villages civiles chinois n’ont donnés de résultats concrets. Un témoin/bourreau raconte en fin d’ouvrage que la plupart des professionnels y travaillant le faisaient pour s’amuser.

Le sujet des « femmes de conforts », autrement dit des femmes forcées à la prostitution, est légèrement traité dans le livre. Leurs sort étaient évidemment terribles. Ce sujet aurait mérité d’être plus développé tant le sort de ces femmes durant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale est encore peu connut.

Est mentionné aussi l’entraînement de jeunes soldats japonais, apprenant le maniement de la baïonnette sur des civils vivants.

Est-ce que je conseil se livre ? Il n’est pas mal écrit, ce n’est pas la question, le sujet est difficile. Si vous voulez en apprendre plus sur ce crime de guerre japonais, oui, mais les informations que vous pouvez trouver sur internet sont amplement suffisantes. Je pense à la lecture du Wikipedia de l’Unité 731 notamment.

Je n’ai pas jugé important de partager des extraits de ces horreurs. Je ne me sens pas la force de les écrire ni de les relire.

Voici quelques photographies glanées sur internet pour compenser le manque d’extrait.

L’énorme complexe de l’unité 731.
Général Ishii, responsable et créateur de l’unité 731.
Une victime, appelée maruta (planche), emportée par des soldats japonais en combinaison.
Reconstitution d’une des nombreuses expériences commises dans l’Unité 731. Celle-ci consistait à enfermer un(e) prisonnier(e) dans une sale réfrigérée et de lui verser de l’eau sur les membres jusqu’à ce qu’ils gèlent, puis des les frapper jusqu’à ce que le membre se cassent. Expérience censée étudier l’effet des gelures et du froid extrême sur le corps humain.

Je regrette de ne pas avoir eu la force de partager avec vous les extraits du livre mais relire l’horreur et l’inhumanité de ces expériences m’est difficile. Comme noté plus haut, vous trouverez assez d’informations sur ce crime de guerre sur internet. Le plus important, je pense, est de ne pas oublier ce crime de guerre peu connu et, surtout, ses victimes oubliées.